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Web-Based, Real-Time Facilities Accounting Planning and Management Software Tool

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Account-Ability’s success is built upon three critical components found in every capital building program:  Budgets, Transactions, and Reports.

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Dedicated and trained experts to serve and support your specific needs. In-person, on-site, on-demand, web-based or in combination, our goal is to support your needs.



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Account-Ability is a web-delivered software that is designed to filter every decision made related to a school district’s capital building program producing tighter internal controls and greater public transparency. Our web-delivered software provides multi-year, multi-fund capital program management in alignment with your Fiscal system. Account-Ability creates tight internal controls and provides public reporting transparency per state auditing guidelines. Account-Ability’s success is built upon three critical components found in every capital building program: Budgets, Transactions, and Reports.


  • Each project is developed and managed multi-year and multi-fund using your own coding system

  • Each project budget is available for compiling full program  reporting

  • The annual portion of the budget can be used to coordinate with the fiscal budget process

  • The budgets are integrated throughout Account-Ability, providing warning flags when budget and expenditures are not in alignment


  • Account-Ability is designed as a front-end system to enable informed decision making at the right point in the process-eliminating  individual spreadsheets for tracking contract decisions

  • Information is easily entered and tracked - and not after the fact, it is there at every stage of the process

  • Construction Contract Records manage PO's Payments, Retentions, Stop Notices, PTO's, Change Orders/ Allowance Draws in chronological order for the whole contract and by PO

  • Professional Services Contract Records monitor the Contract and the Reimbursable in all related PO's

  • All other contracts are also fully monitored for status in real-time for critical and well-informed decision making

  • You know the status of every contract, invoice, and payment all the time


  • Quality reporting is essential! Account-Ability comes with 45 standard reports designed to clearly convey project or program status and essential information with clarity

  • Specific reports are designed for managing the project in real-time and provide clarity in knowing the status, even before payment has been finalized

  • Some reports are designed for specific audiences; Governing Board, Oversight Committee, the general public, fiscal leadership, and of course the facilities team

  • Custom reports are available for unique district reporting needs, some hours are provided annually at no additional cost that can be used for this or for additional training - and sometimes they become new reports for everyone

  • Common order screen features allow the user to easily customize the data being presented in the report




One of the major differences between Account-Ability and other financial software packages is the budget development module. In Account-Ability, the budget is more than just a set of numbers. It is a planning framework and builds a record of how the project plan (budget) evolved from concept through close-out.


All Account-Ability reports are accessed from the Report Menu. Select the report you need. It will launch into a Report Order Screen.  The featured reports recommended are guidelines for their purpose and use. You may find a report works for more than what we’ve recommended.

  • Internal Control reports provide for tight controls over the limited funds needed to run a transparent capital program.

  • Management reports help in the decision-making process. These reports show summary or detailed status information in an easy-to-find format.

  • Board/Oversight reports are excellent for reporting status information to School Boards and independent oversight committees.

  • Auditors reports are those reports designed specifically for OPSC audits or those that are helpful for auditors.

  • Utility reports help accountants and financial managers keep the money straight (often necessary to reconcile Account‑Ability and a District accounting system).


Account‑Ability offers three primary transmittal reports to maintain tight controls. These reports offer a complete history to ensure there’s money budgeted and authorized before a payment is made.

  • Budget Adjustment Request report to approve changes in the budget.

  • Purchase Order Request Transmittal report to request purchase orders.

  • Warrant Transmittal report to approve payments.

Using these reports as a front-end system — to request and approve budgets, authorizations, and payments — keeps the information in sync and keeps you in control of your projects.



Which is both a launching pad for all the in-depth records and a summary overview of each project’s budget, expenditures, and contracts. Double-click on any project and see how it performs against its budget or go to a list of every warrant. It’s an information screen. Double-click on a contract and Account-Ability will open the Contract Record screen for editing or a closer look. Need to adjust the budget? Open the Budget screen.


One general philosophy in Account-Ability is to show all the numbers you need when you need them. Generally, summary information is shown up top and detailed information below.


Colbi Technologies™ staff are available to provide workshops for county offices, district staff, and school service companies for facilities-related topics including:

  • Where is the Money? Funding Sources for Facilities

  • Managing the Multi-Fund Aspects of Facilities Accounting

  • Managing the Project Record

  • Project Budget Preparation and Maintenance

  • Preparing for the Audits: Fiscal, Project, & Performance

  • Planning for your Building Program

  • Pros & Cons of Alternative Project Delivery Methods

  • Specific Workshops can be Customized to Meet your District Training Needs

  • Budget Reconciliation and Audits


One of the first steps of any audit is determining the controls a district has in place. How do contracts and payments get processed through Facilities, Accounting, and Purchasing departments? What mechanisms are in place to protect taxpayer money and who oversees the process at each stop?


Colbi Technologies™ offers a half-day flow chart workshop. We bring all the departments together in a non-confrontational, interactive workshop and build the flow chart unique to your district. This workshop assures that all the participants in the control process know their roles, and because it is interactive, they learn the relationships of everyone on the team.


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