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Taking Your Procurement Virtual!


A simple online place to receive bids & other types of submissions in an e-controlled environment using technology & supported by user-level controls you set!


Free to the vendor, they can provide detailed information about themselves and subscribe to your agency so you can notify them of opportunities to work for you!


More than just a tool for bidding

SecureBids can also receive RFQ/SOQ’s, proposals, quotes,

and more!


SecureBids is the system to rely on to manage receipt of your most sensitive bids.  The system won’t let anyone see submissions until the date and time you set.  Even then, access is tightly controlled to only people you set with the proper rights to begin the bid opening.  If you are receiving responses from a request for qualifications where time is not as much of an issue, that’s handled, too!  With unlimited users, unlimited Opportunity postings, and free to all vendors, SecureBids will be your system of choice!

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  • Touching & scanning vendor paperwork

  • Worrying about receiving & managing access to submissions

  • Keeping multiple databases with vendor information

  • Uploads are secure and encrypted

  • Access to submissions is controlled by the system

  • Who can access the submissions is controlled by you

  • A detailed record of access is maintained

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Paperless & Touchless

Electronic submissions save you from touching and scanning other people’s papers.

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Vendor Self-Service

Vendors can quickly submit and come back later to register.

You can also ask a vendor to register by entering an email and hitting send!

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Encrypted and secured by the software, released once time is up to be opened only by people you authorize.

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Simple for you – create an Opportunity and invite vendors;
Simple for vendors – free, easy sign-up and self-service registration.

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Time Saving

Don’t worry about clock watching or staffing the bid desk & the scanning is already done!

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Less Burden

One place for your vendors to go and you to find them.  Plus, we provide support to you and your vendors at no extra charge.

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Jamin Boggs

Jamin Boggs

Director of QualityBidders

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Joanne Branch

Facility & Procurement Specialist

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Jon Patterson

Director of Sales and Marketing

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Matt Larabee

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