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A Simplified Approach
to Online Procurement

Streamline Submissions

SecureBids offers a secure and convenient platform to easily manage and receive electronic bids and submissions. You can instantly monitor progress, number of submissions, vendor engagement, and time remaining on the bid right from our dashboard.

Manage Vendors

SecureBids is free for vendors. Vendors can sign up and subscribe to be automatically notified of relevant opportunities from your agency. With just a click, agencies can reach out to vendors to solicit bids, proposals, or qualifications. We get your bids in front of more vendors.

Support You Can Trust

Our clients will always have a dedicated support team that includes access to our procurement experts to get the help, support, and training they need. Our team provides you and your vendors with the support and tools to succeed. 


SecureBids was designed specifically for public agencies. We understand the challenges and scrutiny public agencies face with their procurement. SecureBids facilitates the process of soliciting and managing the receipt of time-sensitive bids, proposals, and qualifications. Vendors will be notified automatically once their bid is received and once it is opened. Our goal is to support our clients throughout this process and make your jobs easier. We include unlimited users, unlimited opportunity postings, Unlimited support, and free access for all vendors.

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Streamline Your Vendor Management with SecureBids

The best way to get competitive pricing for your agency is to get as many qualified vendors to submit competitive bids to your agency as possible. SecureBids gives your agency a platform to easily publish opportunities in front of thousands of vendors and directly solicit and communicate your open opportunities with custom-selected vendor groups subscribed to your agency.

Experience Secure and Controlled Bidding with SecureBids

Feel secure with SecureBids, knowing that your uploads are protected with secure encryption. You maintain control over access to submissions and who is authorized to view them. A detailed record of all access is also kept for your peace of mind.

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Paperless & Touchless

Vendors submit submissions directly to you through SecureBids. No mail rooms or couriers to deal with.  A safe secure environment to insure all bids are properly secured and received on time.

Vendor Outreach

Easily invite vendors to signup at no cost to them. Seamlessly communicate with your vendor pool about your bids, RFP’s and RFQ’s.  Advertise on our calendar to put your bid in front of thousands of vendors.


Protect your bidding process with the encrypted and secure technology of SecureBids. You control when submissions become visible and only grant access to authorized individuals, protecting the integrity of your bidding process.


Our platform delivers all the critical functionalities needed to simplify and streamline your procurement processes without adding the complexities of unnecessary embellishments.

Vendor Support

This will always be 100% free for Vendors. We also provide live support for them. Helping your vendors helps our clients too.

Beyond Software

Our support team will always be here for you. During normal business hours, you can call us, or reach out to us for any training, support, or professional expertise. This is all included with your annual fee.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone (714) 505-9544 or email.

Jamin Boggs

Jamin Boggs

Director of QualityBidders

Joanne Branch

Joanne Branch

Facility & Procurement Specialist

Jon Patterson

Jon Patterson

Director of Sales and Marketing

Matt Larabee

Matt Larabee

Sales Representative

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