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Bid responsiveness: 
Detecting a responsive bid

By Joanne Branch   |   May 10, 2023

Hello, public agency sleuths! It's time to don our detective hats and delve into the captivating world of bid responsiveness. Our mission? Finding a responsive bidder!


Think of bid responsiveness as the ultimate game of Clue where you meticulously examine each proposal for hidden or missing markings and information.  You are looking to ensure that all necessary documents and information have been submitted and that the bid complies with your solicitation requirements.


This careful examination of the scene of the bid provides a pieced-together picture of a compliant and complete submission.  Often assisted by a checklist, your action to verify responsiveness ensures that only bidders who submitted a complete package meeting the minimum requirements get considered for the award.

This detailed sleuthing strengthens the integrity of our procurement efforts and builds trust and confidence among our stakeholders. In short, bid responsiveness is an important secret weapon to ensure a smooth and efficient procurement process. Remember:  Responsive = What they submitted is complete and meets the solicitation requirements.


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Coming soon:  Sleuthing out a responsible bidder!  Please follow us!

Part 2

The Detective's Guide to Bid Responsiveness

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