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The Detective's Guide to
Bid Responsiveness

By Joanne Branch   |   May 15, 2023

Hello again, public agency sleuths!  In part 2, our mission is to sleuth out construction contractors that are responsible!


The clues get tougher to find when you are searching for proof of responsibility.  Now you are looking at the bidder themselves, and it can get personal and dicey!


Can they do the work you asked them to do?  Do they have the licenses, certifications, experience and other qualifications you asked for?  Essentially, a responsible bidder is someone who can be trusted to complete the project successfully and effectively.  Your detailed detective work will pay off big time if you are able to avoid contracting with someone that isn't responsible!


Spying bidders who are both responsive and responsible means following the clues and finding the right winner!  What have we deduced?  Responsive = What was submitted was complete & compliant.  Responsible = Who submitted is qualified per the bid requirements. 


If you missed part 1 - Responsibility - click here


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Coming soon:  Sleuthing out a responsible bidder!  Please follow us!

Part 1

Bid responsiveness:  Detecting a responsive bid

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