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Purchasing and Public Works Group

Our Mission

At our core, we're here to lend a helping hand to individuals from the public sector in California who face the challenges of construction and maintenance procurement. But it doesn't stop there! We also cover other related procurement areas like professional services, furniture and equipment, and professional services.


Our goal is to tackle a wide range of topics related to bidding, contracting, RFQ/Ps, and California codes. We want to make sure we've got you covered when it comes to construction project procurement. Of course, we're open to friendly chats about other procurement areas too, like food, business equipment, and services.  It’s your peer-to-peer group and it takes a village!


We'd love to see professionals in the maintenance and facilities field join us! To make our meetings even more valuable, we've got a special approach. At the end of the hour, we’ll provide a 15-minute instructional segment that dives deep into a  construction or maintenance procurement topic and all its intricacies.


Who's running the show, you ask? Well, with the oversight and support of 2 public employees, we've got a public agency retiree with extensive public sector capital facility delivery experience leading the group.


We're keeping things vendor and consultant-free, except for our retiree leader who now works for a vendor, and another retired public servant who's consulting a bit in support of public procurement.  Non-public folks will require a public agency sponsor.


And don't worry, we're not here to sell your info or bombard you with marketing emails or sales pitches. We're all about creating a supportive peer-to-peer network to tackle the ever-changing and complex world of public works. 

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